Campari Calendar

The Campari Calendar is one of the world’s iconic artistic calendars. Distributed in international limited edition of only 9,999 copies it is a small, collectible luxury for the happy few that receive it, and is a tribute to the world class talent and photographers that make it come to life every year.

2014 - "Worldwide Celebration" - Starring Uma Thurman by Koto Bolofo

2013 - "Kiss Superstition Goodbye" – Starring Penelope Cruz by Kristian Schuller

2012 - "It's the end of the world, baby!" - Starring Milla Jovovich by Dmitri Daniloff

2011 - "The Red Affair" - Starring Benicio Del Toro by Michel Comte

2010 - "One woman. One city. One drink. Endless possibilities". - Starring Olga Kurylenko by Simone Nervi

2009 - "Please Open that Door" – Starring Jessica Alba by Mario Testino

2008 - "Campari Tales" – Starring Eva Mendes by Marino Parisotto

2007 - "Hotel Campari" – Starring Salma Hayek by Mario Testino

2006 – Starring Martina Colombari by Giovanni Gastel

Last updated Nov 11 2013