The shareholders’ meeting is responsible for approving, at ordinary sessions, the annual accounts, the appointment and dismissal of Board members and the appointment of members of the Board of Statutory Auditors, the remuneration of Directors and Auditors, the engagement of external auditors and the conferral of responsibilities to Directors and Auditors, and at extraordinary sessions, changes to the by-laws.

In order to allow for the orderly and functional execution of Shareholders’ Meetings and to guarantee the right of each shareholder to take the floor with regards to topics under discussion, the Shareholders’ Meeting approved the Shareholders’ meeting regulation.

Regulations governing Shareholders' meeting                                                                                         icn-download.pngicn_pdf.png 223 KB

Ordinary shareholders' meeting 19 December 2017


Ordinary Shareholders’ meeting of Davide Campari‐Milano S.p.A. icn-download.pngicn_pdf.png29.1 KB
Summary Report of the votes - Ordinary Shareholders' meeting 19 December 2017  icn-download.pngicn_pdf.png29.1 KB
Minutes of the Ordinary shareholders' meeting of Davide Campari-Milano S.p.A. on 19 December 2017 icn-download.pngicn_pdf.png29.1 KB
Call of ordinary shareholders’ meeting 19 December 2017 icn-download.pngicn_pdf.png29.1 KB
Board of Directors’ Report on the items on the Agenda  of the Shareholders’ Meeting 19 December 2017 pursuant to art. 125-ter 58/98 icn-download.pngicn_pdf.png20.3 KB
9 December 2017 - Notification of voting rights total amount icn-download.pngicn_pdf.png 20.3 KB
Proxy form                                         icn-download.pngicn_pdf.png397 KB 
Proxy form Designated Representative icn-download.pngicn_pdf.png 6.1 MB 
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