Pinacolada soda

Pinacolada soda

From the tropic taste the new piñacolada soft drink

Piñacolada Soda, the power of an exotic cocktail in a soft drink trendy with a fresh and tropical taste. Its sparkling and easy taste is ready to conquer summer 2013!

Piñacolada Soda is the new arrival in the soft drink world. This winning mix bring the tropical taste in a can: a refreshing, sparkling drink, perfect to sip with friends in every moment of the day or when you are looking for “something  tasty”.

Pineapple and coconut are the main ingredients of Piñacolada, one of the best known and widespread cocktail in the world. In its non-alcoholic version, jazzed up from bubbles, the taste is much more unique and original.
With the new Piñacolada Soda we enlarge the “soft drink cocktail” range: on shelf from march 2013 with the already appreciated Mojito Soda, the soft drink with Mojito taste.

Piñacolada Soda can, with its engaging look, it is perfect to try the summer taste: Piñacolada Soda follow you in your moments of fun with friends and give you a an uncommon and lively break.

Piñacolada Soda available in cans - sleek 33 cl.

Last updated Feb 25 2014